Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Rewind...48 days in Germany (2)

Always wanted to travel to Netherlands, didn't have the chance 4 years ago while travelling around Europe. We decided to visit the nearest town on the 31st of September - Groningen which is one and a half hour journey from Oldenburg. We started early in the morning and arrived around 10 am. The weather was pleasant and we headed straight away to the town center, 10 minutes walk from the railway station. To our surprise, there was a weekend market with around 100 stalls. But what that caught my attention at the first moment were the flowers markeeter. I had to convinced myself that those are real flowers as their colors were so outstanding, just like those plastic ones in Malaysia. I couldn't resist myself to capture these scenes with my camera although it looked so strange to the locals who are so used to these flowers and perhaps even forgotten to take a careful look at them and to admire their beauty. We spent much time wondering around the market. There were still alot for us to explore. The vegetables were so fresh and relatively cheap. Groningen is also rich with seafoods. We stopped down at a stall serving fried fish nuggest and calamaries as we just had some biscuits for breakfast early that morning. After that, we decided to make use of the remaining time visiting the opera, cityhaus, cathedral etc, that were on our lists of 'must-sees'. I also managed to grab some souveniers and postcards from the tourist information center. We finished much earlier as expected and what to do? My dear and I walked back to the market place to hunt for snacks...we had some Australian home-made icecream, pommes... All are real calories bombs.
We had our dinner at Burger King at the railway station. It was not a spontaneous choice but we indeed planned that. We actually stopped by at Groningen three years ago when we visited London. We also had our dinner at this Burger King before taking the train back to Oldenburg. It was the tastiest burger I have had and the reason could pay extra for some extra cheese...I think it must be local product...It just made a prefect combination with the burger. What a dissapointment that we could not do that anymore this time (the action was over) and we have to settle down with just a normal conventional burger.
We arrived home that day exhausted but with thousands of Calories was a nice trip anayway! what's next? AMSTERDAM!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Köln one-day-trip

Köln is one of the nicest town in Germany. I had the chance to pay a visit to this magnificant city that lies on the bank of Rhein. Since we had no plan to spend a night there, we had to make full use of the time we had. Normally me dear is doing all the planning whenever we go travelling but this time I am in charged as he is 'too busy' with his work... We departed early that morning and arrived before noon. We could already see the Cologne Cathedral as our train was approaching. It just sits next to the railway station. We set up our newly bought camera tripod and started shooting, of course together with my dear. I have been always complaining that we took photos together too seldom. I think we shot at least 10 photos together just at the Cathedral. I must admit that it was a bit strange taking photos this way but looking at the photos, it definitely worth the effort. We then walked towards downtown and arrived at the famous shopping street. Actually we planned to have asian buffet at a restaurant for lunch. But guess what, we had KFC... KFC has been always my favourite fast food and I have been missing it since I arrived here. It is a pity that KFC is not so well established in Germany as McD or BKing. I managed to persuade my dear to change our plan although my dear scolded me everytime I ate KFC in Subang. Though we were a bit pessimistic with the KFC in Germany as we tried once three years ago in Hamburg and it was quite disappointing and they only served original recipe. But this time was different, we realised that they served 'hot & spicy' now! It was not as crispy as Malaysia KFC but when you have been hungering for it for the last months, you just enjoy the finger lickin' good experience without taking care of too much details. We even ordered some extra hot wings...We ended up so full and it was therefore not a bad idea to continue our walking tour around the town. I like particulary the town hall and the 'altstadt' (old town). After a few hours of walking and souvenir hunting, we settled down for the famous 'Koelsch" (a local beer speciality brewed in Cologne). We spent some more time shopping after that and arrived home midnight! Ah...almost forgot, my dear finally bought me one more my favourite 'metoyou' bear as I left the bear home.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Rewind...48 days in Germany (1)

Have to catch up with some past events that happened during the last 48 days...

I joined my dear during my first week in Germany to attend a conference in Regensburg, south Germany. The journey took 7 hours by train and we arrived there exhausted although I must say that the German railway belongs to the best ones in the world. The train was punctual and comfortable that came with on-board service. I couldn't resist myself to consume some German made ice creams...hmm...My dear and I spent most of the time sight-seeing except the time at which he had to make his presentations. We tried the famous German 'Ham Zhu Shao' (Schweine Haxe), we both coundn't manage to finish it. Although I must say that the architectures there are not as astonishing as I was was a bit disappointing. The St. Peter Dom is my favourite among all and it just looks so magnificent from every angle. My dear promised to bring me to Munich next time where there are more to see and to experience the real Bayern. I hope he will keep his promise or else...hihi...

48 days in Germany

Recalling back the first day I arrived in Germany, my thought was a mixture of excitement, curiousity and fear...

Knowing that I am going to start a new life here... knowing that it will be a worthful experience that I am going to go through.... after 4 years of long-distance relationship with my dear, finally we could spend more time together now...EXCITING

Although I had been here to visit my dear two years ago in Germany during my semester break, it is different this time as I am preparing to start my postgraduate study in a country that is so 'abnormal' and definitely not the first choice for most Malaysian students to further their studies. I have to first learn the languange and get used to the German culture. Can I afterall accept all these changes that are going to happen around me? CURIOUS

Have been working for two years after my study in Malaysia. Although stressful but still enjoyed every moment and greatful to all my ex-colleagues and friends who have helped me along the way. I always think that I am a workoholic and don't know really if I could break off from my working life to pursue my study. Learning a new language in this stage of life is definitely a challenge to me, how if I messed it up? Have had so many problems when applying for a visa in the last months...nearly gave up, it delayed my plan and my German course has started four weeks ago and I know I am way behind. Can I catch up? FEAR

Now, one and a half month has passed, to be exact 48 days. I am glad to be able to spend more time with my dear. I like the comforting cool weather and the fresh air I get to breath here. My German teachers are so kind to help me to catch up and I got to make some new friends from all around the world...Philipine, Vietnam, Poland, Turkey, Arabic countries etc. Guess what? I just completed my first semester today! I am so glad and already looking forward to the next semester which is going to start in a week! Everything has gone smoothly and I am settling down. I am so thankful to my dear who has supported me and encouraging me every moment. Nevertheless, I still miss my family and all my friends back home in Malaysia. I wish all of you ALL THE BEST and thank you for being such truthful friends. I will share my life here with you and hope that we can keep in touch this way. MISS YOU ALL :)
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