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Steamed carrot cake 萝卜糕

Gong xi gong xi gong xi ni ah gong xi gong xi gong xi ni ... ...

It is a tradition to eat steamed cake during chineses new year. In chinese, steamed cake is called "Zheng Gao" that is pronounced similar to the chinese character "high". This brings luck since it indicates that our career and life will be improved in the coming new year. Of course it is not the main reason that we cooked this. After reading some recipes on this, we realized that the procedures and ingredients are in fact pretty simple. The ingredients ar as follow:

Carrot (around 1 kg)
Dried schrimps
Chinese sausage
Char siew (can be left out though)
Spring onions
Rice flour

First of all, fried the dried schrimps, chinese sausage and char siew and spring onions until fragrant. Dished out and put aside. Shred the carrots and cook it for around 20-30 minutes adding water occasionally when it gets too dry. It is ready when the carrots become transparent. Mixed in the fried ingredients before and flavoring (salt, pinch of sugar and white peper). Switch off the heat and put aside. Mixed 300 g rice flour with 3 cups of water. Make sure the flour is well disolved. Pour in the rice flour mixture and stir thoroughly. Finally, fill into a cake form and steamed over high heat for 30-35 minutes.

It can be eaten just like this or we prefered to cut the carrot cake into pieces and fried it before serving (煎萝卜糕).


大年初夕晚,独在异乡的我们花了大约3个小时一起准备传统的团年饭-白斩鸡,鸡汤,冬菇扒小白菜及五福临门。哈哈。。。。我们也准备了龙眼芒果味的果冻。结果全部出来的效果是非常的美味可口。Yummy... 除此之外,我们也煮了绿豆汤配红豆汤圆。


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Birthday Presents....

Last 2 days I stil received some birthday's presents from my coursemates here. Anyways, thank you very much to Can and Micheal. Both of you are so nice. I got a box of handmade chocolate from Berlin she bought in Berlin. The another is a handphone hanger rom Michael which he bought it from Japan. Actually Micheal wanted to give me the present on my birthday, but he forgot it after his case study's presentation.

My bf just showed me a postcard from LA when he arrived here last Friday. I felt so happy and surprised because this beautiful postcard is from Sock Peng. Thank you very much, Sock Peng!!

Yesterday I also received a present from PWei. Thank you very much, PWei!! Actually PWei is my hometown friend, we knew each other since 7 years old and we were in the same class from Standard 1 until Form 5. I still remmembered that most of our class teachers thought that both of us are twins. After that we were roommates during Form 6 and studied at same secondary school. Besides that, we were scouts and Buddhist society commity members too. we are staying in a same house in Oldenburg here. Friendship forever!!


时间过得真快,不知不觉这个学期将要结束,而考试时间表终于出来了!我觉得非常紧张及害怕,因为我还有一个40 -45分钟的Research Method presentation要准备。哎。。。。我的考试时间表如下:

27.1 (年初二) Research Method Presentation


10.2 国际管理 International Organisation Management

12.2 国际金融 International Finance

16.2 国际市场学 International Marketing

20.2 国际会计 International Accounting

24.2 Case Study Oral Exam

为了要考好成绩,我会尽我的能力去应付吃力的考试,因此我编好了一个温习时间表,真希望一切能顺利!!下个星期五放学后,我将要回Oldenburg庆祝新年。HK也非常的忙碌,因为他要在这个月交4 篇摘要(abstract),可怜的男友!!我们一起加油哦!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A simple birthday

Haih....yesterday was my birthday and this time I have to stay here in Hamburg. HK arrived on last Friday and he took holiday until Wednesday. I was so happy to hear and read so many wishes in my messenger and E-mails from my friends and family after i woke up yesterday. After all, my friends could still remember my birthday and thank you guys, you are great friends! Besides, I also received gifts from my new friends here, I wasn't really expecting that.

My workload at the university is extremely heavy at the moment and I had lecture yesterday from 12 to 8pm. Before going to the class, HK cooked the mandatory birthday meal for me, Mee Suah with chicken drumstick and boiled eggs. In the evening, he prepared some pasta and bought a small bottle of champagne and cake. He promised me to celebrate with me again when the semester and all the exams are over, hihi....

Monday, January 12, 2009

Dinner with my chinese coursemates

Saturday evening we went to my coursemate's student hostel to have dinner together. We baked japanese cheese cake there while waiting for Micheal and Amanda to come back from the University. We also made some sushi again, similar to what we just made few days ago at home. Michelle cooked some simple but delicious dishes: fried seeweed, Gong Pou chicken and stuffed chilis with red wine sauce. Michael and Amande just came back on time and they also prepared two more dishes, Tom Yam prawns and steamed eggs with seeweed. At the end we have so much food but there were rarely left overs. After the dinner, Michael taught us some chinese games which are really funny. Before we left, he played us some songs with his keyboard. It was really a nice get together and we will definitely do it again.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

My favourite meal - Sushi

When I were in SJ last few years, I like to go to Sushi King with my housemates- Irene, Lisa, Siao Wei and Kah Ling to enjoy Japanese foods. Sometimes I went out with my ex-colleagues, sales agent, clients or consultants to Japanese Restaurant in SJ area or Bangsar too. haha ... because all of us also like to eat Sushi....

Last 2 days, we made Sushi for our dinner with green tea.

To make Sushi Rice:
Cook 2-3 cups of sushi rice. However, before actually cooking the rice in the rice cooker, place the washed uncooked rice in a colander and let it expand for about 30 minutes. This additional step will ensure a better consistency for assembling sushi later.

Sushi dressing:

1/4 cup rice vinegar,3 tbsps sugar, 1/2 tbsps salt. Mix it together and heat until sugar dissolves.

To prepare the rice:
When the rice is cooked, turn it out into a large bowl (preferably wooden). Slowly pour the sushi dressing into the cooked rice and mix by 'slicing' across the rice instead of mixing in a circular option with a rice paddle. Mix well and let cool to room temperature. Once cool, mound the rice in the center and cover the bowl with a damp cloth and the rice is ready for use.

Prepare the filling (as liking), we used smoked salmon, cucumber, crab stiks, egg and avocado (butter fruit).

To form the sushi, place the rice on a piece of seeweed . Distribute them evenly while pressing slightly. Put the filling in any combination in the middle and roll it up, pressing it gently after every turn. Cut the roll into 6 pieces.


不知不觉两个星期的圣诞假期又过了。我们没有出去游玩因为我忙于我的两个presentation(一个用德语及一个用英语),一个System of EU papar analysis report,非常的辛苦。此外在这个时候,HK不可能拿到年假因为他的同事们都拿年假庆祝圣诞节,他们的部门是照常工作。因此,我们只好乖乖留在家里哦!!


除了为HK及Pwei煮了一些美食之外,第一个星期,我每天忙于读IWK的德语参考书及网上找一些有关资料。IWK对我来说是一个蛮有兴趣的课目,但是当我要用德语念参考书,我会觉得蛮辛苦,很多词汇都不懂,因此我需要花比较多的时间来查字典及记录起来。唉。。。。除此之外我也用了几天来阅读International Accounting。 这课对我来说是一个蛮难的课目因为Prof Sven所讲的都关于2008 最新的GAAP。哇。。。我最胆心的其中一课。从开学到现在,蛮多的学长及教授对我们说International Accounting 及 International Finance是最多学生不过关。普萨要保佑我哦!!我一定要加油!!!!

第二个星期,我开始温习International Finance及阅读System of EU papar。一个关于Theory of Multilevel Governing in Europe,一个关于The European Union and Forms of State:Westphalian,Regulatory or Post Modern。 两张Paper都非常难理解及超闷的文章。我的天啊!!!开学就要交给Prof Voegeli,我唯有每天上网找资料。我也要复习德语,因还有小测验要来临了。忙忙忙忙忙忙忙是为了自己的理想。。。。时间过得真快,明天我就要回汉堡了,真伤心!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!!





三月份到布达佩斯(匈牙利)游玩。参观了马加什教堂,它与多瑙河之间是渔人堡, 皇宫区以及多瑙河畔的景色,链子桥和温泉浴。


五月份HK的生日和我收到汉堡大学的Offer letter。非常开心。







十二月忙于case study presentation。圣诞假期!!!


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