Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Visited Bremerhaven Zoo am Meer

Last Wednesday afternoon, we (Pwei, my dear and I) and 2 of my dear’s colleagues went to visit ‘Zoo am Meer’ in Bremerhaven. It’s located about 1 hour from our place. The Bremerhaven Zoo has been one of the most modern zoological institutions in all of Europe. It is small but exquisite, this specialized zoo for water-related and Nordic animals is already unusual because of its location directly on the dike. We had a nice day there being able to sight some exotic creatures that we don’t get to see everyday including Chimpanzees, Snowy owl, Polar bears, Arctic foxes, Sea lions, Harbour seals, Kea, Penguins, Pumas etc.. Indeed, our main intention to visit the zoo was to sight the polar bears. There are unbelievable huge and gigantic compared to what I expected. The size is like an elephant but it is more adorable than an elephant. Nevertheless, I would not even think of going near it although I always thought that polar bear could be a nice pet…hihi. The snowy owl was also funny. He could practically turn his head 360° just if it is mounted on a bearing or something similar. The zoo construction is really brilliant as there are large panes of glass which allow us to see the animals while there are in water. My favorite is still the penguins especially when they are walking around which just make them look like dancing. It was really and invaluable experience and I am looking forward to visit more zoos here in the Europe.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Summer time!!

In Germany spring begins on 21st June and end on 20th Sept. Summer time is the best time for the Germans to go to Spain, Turkey, Thailand etc for their holidays. This is because the weather is so warm for them to sunbathing, swimming etc. The weather here is more comfortable during summer, I think it will fluctuate around 25°C. Last weekend it was very warm here (33°C) so we went to shopping center to buy a Fan. Haha…This fan just functions when the weather is around 28°C – 33°C. After that, it fluctuates around 20°C. I like the weather so much because I can enjoy the fresh air and walk around the town. After I underwent an operation here last 2 months, I can’t go to Gym for 2-3 months, so I only can enjoy short walking as my exercise. Hihi… my 4th level German course is just over and my Zertifikat of Deutsch exam is finished, thus I can enjoy my long summer holiday!! Happy Holiday!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Keukenhof, Netherland

Haha....finally we can spend a whole day walking around Keukenhof because it is the most beautiful spring garden in the world which I'm waiting last 2 years for visiting there. I like it very much as I like flowers : Tulips, Lavendar very much!!

Hihi... I feel so happy and exciting when we walked around there because there have more than 7 million flowering bulbs, which are planted by hand each year. Beside we can enjoy ourselves with million flowering bulbs, we also can visit the actual Dutch royal hats and headwear, which have been lent to Keukenhof for the duration of the exhibition.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spring is coming soon!!

In Germany spring begins on 21st March and end on 20th June. That means after today, springtime will begin. Springtime is seen as a time of growth, renewal, of new life (both plant and animal) being born, and of the cycle of life once again starting. It is also used more generally as the start of better times. Everyday when I walked along the street to the bus stop, I can see a lot of flower e.g. Tulip, Lily… start to blossom. I feel very happy when I see my Tulip start to blossom too. Moreover, the weather here is more comfortable during spring, I think it will fluctuate around 15°C. Yesterday it was snowing heavily here and we heard from the news that it is because of the Orkun.

Last Sunday, my dear and I went to Wesser Ems Halle to visit Blumenshau 2007 in Oldenburg. The big hall was crowded and I could see a lot of beautiful flowers e.g. Tulips, Lilies, ‘Tao Hua’, ‘Mu Dan’, Bonzai, Roses, Orkid, Daisies, Canna….. I like all the flowers very much. We walked around the hall and we have taken some photos. Moreover, we also watched the musik fountain show.

Hihi….After this week, I have long Easter Holiday. Huhuh…..I can take a break and prepare for my Deutsch Exam. Hopefully I can do well for this paper. God bless me!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Chinese New Year is coming soon!

Time flies...Chinese New Year is coming soon. This is the 1st time I am celebrating CNY in Oldenburg. Sure, I will miss my family and all my friends back home in Malaysia. I also miss the time as my brothers and sisters decorated the house with plum blossom, bamboo and we went for shopping with my parents to buy some drinks, biscuits and cloths. I miss the reunion dinner on New Year’s Eve where members of my family, near and far, get together for celebration at my grandparent’s house. I also miss all the foods which my mum and aunty prepared which were very sumptuous and traditionally includes chicken, steam fish, prawn, Siew Yuk, Sea cucumber with mushroom, Buddha’s Delight, Roasted Duck… and also miss the time as our family playing cards together. And of course miss the ‘ang pao’ too!

Haha… I also miss the reunion with my friends and the annual dinner because during that time I can meet a lot of friends. Anyways, I wish all of you a prosperous, healthy, wealthy and Happy Chinese New Year!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

It’s snowing today

As it began snowing here this afternoon, my dear called me while I was shopping in the town to make sure that I knew it was snowing. I was impressed, probably because I like snow very much. This is what I’m waiting for in the last few months. Hihi…I am really happy today. While I was taking the bus home after shopping, I purposely chose a window seat in order that I can see the snow falling down from the sky, it is such a beautiful scene. In the night, I was staring out my window, watching snow falling. This is a very nice scene because the trees in front of my house have worn new white cloths and leaving a white blanket over the cars and roads.

My second semester German course ended today. Our lecturers will bring us to a Café for a cup of coffee. Haha….I was so surprised because my dear passed a present to me when he came back from his work. He told me that this present is for finishing my second semester German.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Temperature today is 0°C

Oh….thanks God, finally Orkan has passed same as those wet rainy and windy days. Therefore, we seldom went out for shopping after school. haha…. Today, when I walked to the bus stop in the morning, I saw some ice on the road and I felt very cold although there was sun shine. When my bus passed through a building which I almost watched everyday showing the temperature, I was excited because today the temperature is 0°C and that means that the snow I am waiting is coming soon!!!

My second semester German course is ending this week. Time flies by too fast and I have to make use of the break to improve my German since I just heard that my 1/3 of my master programme is conducted in German…scary!!! Hopefully I can manage.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!!

This is my third time having birthday at overseas... :) The first time was in Szeged, Hungary and the second time was in Oldenburg.

Every year my dear sure will prepare some surprises for me. Hihi…guess what is the present for this year? Haha…in the midnight, he sang ‘Birthday song’ to me and passed a big present……a backpack that I always wanted, a nice pullover & a beautiful scarf. He also made a fruit cake as a Birthday cake for me...Thank you very much my dear! In the afternoon, we went out for shopping and also had lunch in an Argentian Restaurant. The food was very nice and delicious. In the night, he made a pizza for dinner and we had a great time with Champagne.

Many thanks to my lovely family for calling and all my dear friends who had called or smsed me and sent me e-cards (PWei, Loryln, Sau Feng, Green, Ah Soon, Pat, Kah Ling, Teopag, Tian Kooi, Tian Fu,Audrey,Yawai, Ivy, Hui Sim, Chung Tuck…) to me since 0000 hr...:p So happy that you all still remember...

I enjoyed my Birthday this year very much that I am sure that it will be even better next year...Hoping for BIGGER PRESENT AND MORE!!!

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Happy New Year 2007

First of all, I wish all my friends Happy New Year and hope that you have had a good start in the year 2007. This is my second time celebrating new year in Germany. The first time was in Berlin and we spent new year's eve at the Brandenburgertor. Although I celebrated new year´s eve this time at home but we did enjoy the Silvester fireworks at midnight. Eventhough the weather was not optimal but the people here had welcomed 2007 with 10 minutes fireworks display which It is a tradition here.

There are a lot of things I wish to accomplish in this year. I need to work hard to improve my German and hope that I could get through the German language test in the middle of the year and start my postgraduate study by the end of the year. My friends, let us work hard this new year and wishing you all and myself :P all the best!!!
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