Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Simple and Yummy dinner – Fried Belacan Chicken Wings

Since we miss KFC very much, so I decided to fry belacan chicken wings as our dinner. I marinated the chicken wings with belacan, pepper, sugar, Chinese cooking wine and ‘Nam Yu’ before I went for fat burner class in Fitness Studio. After 1 hour of the fat burner class and 45 minutes running, my whole body was so tired. I determined to cook some simple food to fulfill our stomach.

When I reached home, my dear prepared a zuchinni soup and a bowl of salad. Some more he fried the chicken too. We always have problem frying the chicken ala KFC style. Either the skin was burnt or too oily. We strived to achieve the “hot & spicy” effect. This time we dipped the chicken into lightly foamed beaten egg before coating it with tempura flour. The chicken turned out this time crispy and not so oily. Next time, we could perhaps season the flour as well with chili powder and wahhlahhh… home made hot & spicy. Having fried chicken for dinner is quite sinful and the light zuchinni soup helped to feeling less guilt.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Christopher Street Day

Christopher Street Day (CSD) is an annual European LGBT celebration held in various cities across Europe. Only Germany and Switzerland use the term CSD, in other countries, the same kind of event is called Gay Pride or Pride Parade. Austria calls their Pride Parade Rainbow Parade. The most prominent CSD events are in Cologne and Berlin, Germany, and Zürich in Switzerland. Almost every large town in Germany celebrates CSD. Due to organizational reasons, the CSDs do not take place on the historic date of June 27, but on different weekends between June and August. On the one hand, CSDs are considered political parades, and therefore also include speeches, political mottos, and attendances and patronages from well-known politicians.

On 22rd June after lunch, we went out to the town center to watch this Parade. There was crowded and luckily we could find a comfortable place to capture some photos. This was not the first time I watch this parade. I was there as well last year. We were coincidently in the town last year when this parade took place and we were so surprised to see people dressing up strangely. Later we found out it was actually the CSD parade. We would never have the chance to see this at home. This year we intended to capture some photos of those taking part in the parade. It came out that the “costume” was not that “impressing” although a total of 2000 of gays and lesbian took part, maybe our expectation was too high…hihi.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Raining Saturday

It was a raining Saturday, so we just stayed at home for the whole morning. After we had fried rice as a lunch, we went to a local supermarket for shopping. Haha…there was promotion for M & M chocolate, so I bought it even though my dear did not allow me. He is afraid that I become fat girl later. Actually since the last 2 months, my weight gained a lot because we ate countless ice cream and drank often ices chocolate and ices coffee. Thus, I must plan a proper diet program already.

We cooked Spanish food for our dinner. 1st, we cooked tomatoes and celery soup and baked a baguette. Then we cooked seafood’s paella – prawn, squid, chicken meat and salmon. From last Budapest trip, we bought some saffron because my dear likes to use saffron to bake Peri-peri chicken. Saffron, which has for decades been the world's most expensive spice by weight but we can buy it cheaper at Budapest. This is because maybe the quality of this saffron from Budapest is not so good compared with the expensive one. During the dinner time, we enjoyed a bottle of red wine too.

Loh Mei Kai

After we made some effort to clean up my living room, bedroom and bathroom this raining Sunday morning, we were so tired. I decided to make Loh Mai Kei for lunch. I like to eat Loh Mai Kei during Dim Sum time with my family in Malaysia. I miss this food very much! So I checked this recipe from internet and tried to make it myself. Haha… finally my Loh Mai Kei is tasty and delicious even though I did not put Chinese sausage and replaced it with egg. Thank you for Lilyng for sharing the recipe. The Recipe can be found at ( It tasted well and delicious-better than the ones from the restaurants in Malaysia, so my dear had 2 Loh Mai Kei for his lunch.

After the lunch, we watched F1 live from TV as I am Ferrari supporter and my dear is Mclaren supporter. Thus we always argue for our team. I hope my lovely Ferrari team will win for this Germany race. We plan to jog to Oldenburg Palace Garden if the weather is good later. Actually it was a bit boring living here because all shops and supermarket are closed during Sunday. It was not like our home country, all the people enjoy going out for shopping or eating with their friends or family at shopping centers on Sunday. I miss the life in Malaysia.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Dear’s Birthday

I was a bit busy last month due to preparation for my C1 German exam. It is summer here and the temperature fluctuates around 25°C – 33°C, so hot! Luckily we have a fan at home, if not I will become a ‘roasted pig’. :)

One day before my dear’s birthday, I baked 2 Cheesecake – Oreo Cheesecake and Strawberry Cheesecake for him to treat his colleagues on his birthday. After an hour, both of the cakes were finished and all of his colleagues praised me. Haha… This is a culture in here – the birthday boy must bring a cake or chocolate to delight colleagues.

In the morning on my dear’s birthday, I cooked Mee Suah Soup with 2 eggs and a big chicken drumsticks for his lunch. This is my dear’s family traditional birthday culture. After my dear went to work, I started to bake a birthday cake – Black Forest Cake for my dear as a surprising present. Then, I prepared a mini steamboat for our dinner because my dear requested a few day before his birthday. I prepared some prawns, crabs, cuttlefish, chicken, home made pork wantan, home made dumpling, home made chicken ball, stuffed eggplants, stuffed sweet paprika, stuffed mushroom, vegetables etc. The steamboat was only prepared 2 hours before my dear arrived home. We enjoyed our dinner very much and my dear was so happy when he saw his birthday cake and present. What a surprised for my dear! This is my 1st time to bake Black Forest Cake. Actually I wanted to held a Birthday party for him and invite all his colleagues and friends, but he rejected as he wanted me to put more effort on my German exam and Corporate Finance exam. He is the best for me. Haha…. Love you so much, my dear!!
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