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15.01.2010 (星期五)



Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Today is my Birthday! :)

13.01.2010 (Wednesday)

Today is my birthday, but I still need to sit an EU law exam at 8am later. After that I will take 11am train direct back to Oldenburg. Haiz...yesterday night I spent a whole night to do last revision for EU law. I hope I can score it.

Luckily the exam was not too difficult compare with last year paper. Then, I rushed back to Oldenburg. Arrived home and I called my mum, it was so surprising and touching that my mum sang a birthday song to me without I said any word. happy! After that, my nieces also sang birthday song to me and told me that they could not buy a cake for me since I am in Germany. Both of them are so cute. Love both of you!! Of course, my sisters and brothers also sent birthday wishes to me.

PWei and I went to town for shopping and we also had a cup of cappucino, hot chocolate and cakes for our tea time. After that my dear came to join us.

Presents??? dear bought me one set of Issey Miyake perfume and a sling beg to me one week before my birthday. My best friend, PWei also gave me a present - Esprit coupon. Thank you very much my dear and PWei.

Around 7pm, we went to Maredo to celebrate my birthday. It is an Argentinian restaurant serving mainly barbeque dishes.

My dear looking at the menu..

Salat from the bar as starter..

My dear main course, Argentinian steak with fries

My pork filet steak with mushroom sauce

PWei grilled pork steak

Desert, hmmm.....caramel ice cream cake...

and fresh-made ice cream wirh walnut sauce.

I had a wonderful birthday dinner with my dear and PWei!! huhu...unbelievable that I am 30 years old already. Everybody also asked me same question? What is your future plan since you are 30 years old. I hope I can enjoy my colourful life with my dear, family and friends. Besides, I hope I can do more charity and help more people in the near future, this will make my life more meaningful.

Last few months, my dear always asked me whether I want to continue to pursue PhD or not. I always answered him with 'no way', master is enough for me. Last 2 days, I wish I could get Doctor of Business Admin (DBA) within 5 years. This is my new challege. Of course I know that before I start to do my PhD, I need to gain atleast 5 years working experience at management level. I really hope I will achieve it in the future. Haha...after I discussed with my dear, he feels so happy and he supports me. Thanks dear!!

Lastly many thanks to my lovely family and all my dear friends who had called or smsed me and sent me e-cards. So happy that you all still remember...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Parents Visiting Day 3

17.12.2009 (Thursday)

We visited Bremen on the third day and the first snow of the year fell that day in Oldenburg. It was wonderful and it is the first snow experience for our parents. We wondered around Bremen and had lunch at the Christmas market. We went home before evening and prepared a nice dinner together with our parents. Guess what for dinner? Chicken curry, requested by our dad....perfect on a snowy day!!!

The mandatory photo in Bremen. Die bremer Stadtmusikanten. Normally people will hold the donkey's leg and make a wish...

Grill pork steak!

Lunch at the Christmas market, of course we had the typical German sausages.

Dinner at home....yummy!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Parents Visiting Day 1 and 2

15.12.2009 (Tuesday)

Our parents visited us this Christmas. They arrived at Liverpool end of November and came to Germany on the 15th of December to spend a few days here. We showed them Oldenburg on the second day and in the evening, we had a wonderful dinner at a German restaurant. The food was good and up to expectation, not to mention the beer...hmmm

Christmas market in Oldenburg


Weisswurst (White sausages)

The famous Schweinehaxe (Roasted pork knuckle)

After dinner...look at our faces, too much beer??

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