Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Visited Bremerhaven Zoo am Meer

Last Wednesday afternoon, we (Pwei, my dear and I) and 2 of my dear’s colleagues went to visit ‘Zoo am Meer’ in Bremerhaven. It’s located about 1 hour from our place. The Bremerhaven Zoo has been one of the most modern zoological institutions in all of Europe. It is small but exquisite, this specialized zoo for water-related and Nordic animals is already unusual because of its location directly on the dike. We had a nice day there being able to sight some exotic creatures that we don’t get to see everyday including Chimpanzees, Snowy owl, Polar bears, Arctic foxes, Sea lions, Harbour seals, Kea, Penguins, Pumas etc.. Indeed, our main intention to visit the zoo was to sight the polar bears. There are unbelievable huge and gigantic compared to what I expected. The size is like an elephant but it is more adorable than an elephant. Nevertheless, I would not even think of going near it although I always thought that polar bear could be a nice pet…hihi. The snowy owl was also funny. He could practically turn his head 360° just if it is mounted on a bearing or something similar. The zoo construction is really brilliant as there are large panes of glass which allow us to see the animals while there are in water. My favorite is still the penguins especially when they are walking around which just make them look like dancing. It was really and invaluable experience and I am looking forward to visit more zoos here in the Europe.

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