Sunday, July 22, 2007

Summer time!!

In Germany spring begins on 21st June and end on 20th Sept. Summer time is the best time for the Germans to go to Spain, Turkey, Thailand etc for their holidays. This is because the weather is so warm for them to sunbathing, swimming etc. The weather here is more comfortable during summer, I think it will fluctuate around 25°C. Last weekend it was very warm here (33°C) so we went to shopping center to buy a Fan. Haha…This fan just functions when the weather is around 28°C – 33°C. After that, it fluctuates around 20°C. I like the weather so much because I can enjoy the fresh air and walk around the town. After I underwent an operation here last 2 months, I can’t go to Gym for 2-3 months, so I only can enjoy short walking as my exercise. Hihi… my 4th level German course is just over and my Zertifikat of Deutsch exam is finished, thus I can enjoy my long summer holiday!! Happy Holiday!!!
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