Sunday, November 12, 2006

Köln one-day-trip

Köln is one of the nicest town in Germany. I had the chance to pay a visit to this magnificant city that lies on the bank of Rhein. Since we had no plan to spend a night there, we had to make full use of the time we had. Normally me dear is doing all the planning whenever we go travelling but this time I am in charged as he is 'too busy' with his work... We departed early that morning and arrived before noon. We could already see the Cologne Cathedral as our train was approaching. It just sits next to the railway station. We set up our newly bought camera tripod and started shooting, of course together with my dear. I have been always complaining that we took photos together too seldom. I think we shot at least 10 photos together just at the Cathedral. I must admit that it was a bit strange taking photos this way but looking at the photos, it definitely worth the effort. We then walked towards downtown and arrived at the famous shopping street. Actually we planned to have asian buffet at a restaurant for lunch. But guess what, we had KFC... KFC has been always my favourite fast food and I have been missing it since I arrived here. It is a pity that KFC is not so well established in Germany as McD or BKing. I managed to persuade my dear to change our plan although my dear scolded me everytime I ate KFC in Subang. Though we were a bit pessimistic with the KFC in Germany as we tried once three years ago in Hamburg and it was quite disappointing and they only served original recipe. But this time was different, we realised that they served 'hot & spicy' now! It was not as crispy as Malaysia KFC but when you have been hungering for it for the last months, you just enjoy the finger lickin' good experience without taking care of too much details. We even ordered some extra hot wings...We ended up so full and it was therefore not a bad idea to continue our walking tour around the town. I like particulary the town hall and the 'altstadt' (old town). After a few hours of walking and souvenir hunting, we settled down for the famous 'Koelsch" (a local beer speciality brewed in Cologne). We spent some more time shopping after that and arrived home midnight! Ah...almost forgot, my dear finally bought me one more my favourite 'metoyou' bear as I left the bear home.

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