Wednesday, January 24, 2007

It’s snowing today

As it began snowing here this afternoon, my dear called me while I was shopping in the town to make sure that I knew it was snowing. I was impressed, probably because I like snow very much. This is what I’m waiting for in the last few months. Hihi…I am really happy today. While I was taking the bus home after shopping, I purposely chose a window seat in order that I can see the snow falling down from the sky, it is such a beautiful scene. In the night, I was staring out my window, watching snow falling. This is a very nice scene because the trees in front of my house have worn new white cloths and leaving a white blanket over the cars and roads.

My second semester German course ended today. Our lecturers will bring us to a Café for a cup of coffee. Haha….I was so surprised because my dear passed a present to me when he came back from his work. He told me that this present is for finishing my second semester German.

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