Sunday, January 14, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!!

This is my third time having birthday at overseas... :) The first time was in Szeged, Hungary and the second time was in Oldenburg.

Every year my dear sure will prepare some surprises for me. Hihi…guess what is the present for this year? Haha…in the midnight, he sang ‘Birthday song’ to me and passed a big present……a backpack that I always wanted, a nice pullover & a beautiful scarf. He also made a fruit cake as a Birthday cake for me...Thank you very much my dear! In the afternoon, we went out for shopping and also had lunch in an Argentian Restaurant. The food was very nice and delicious. In the night, he made a pizza for dinner and we had a great time with Champagne.

Many thanks to my lovely family for calling and all my dear friends who had called or smsed me and sent me e-cards (PWei, Loryln, Sau Feng, Green, Ah Soon, Pat, Kah Ling, Teopag, Tian Kooi, Tian Fu,Audrey,Yawai, Ivy, Hui Sim, Chung Tuck…) to me since 0000 hr...:p So happy that you all still remember...

I enjoyed my Birthday this year very much that I am sure that it will be even better next year...Hoping for BIGGER PRESENT AND MORE!!!

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