Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Celebration at home

I went home to Oldenburg last weekend to celebrate mooncake festival. After two weeks here in Hamburg, I miss Oldenburg so much although I start to enjoy the studying life in Hamburg also. Actually, it is not so bad after I made some new friends and most of them are quite nice. We had a class party last friday night where each of us had to prepare some foods and snacks. I made some spring rolls with a chinese friend at her place. We finished the food that we all brought and danced until midnight. I drank a small glass of red wine the whole night while others had drunk maybe a bottle plus two biers. It was funny but I really enjoyed it.

Saturday morning in Oldenburg, we went to the town and coincidently there was a wine fair. We tried some and decided to go home early since HK said my face had turned red like an apple. On Sunday, we celebrated Mooncake Festival. I cooked Nasi Lemak. Although quite compicated but I enjoyed it so much after not cooking for a week. Pei Wei brought back some Mooncakes for us from Malaysia and we had some together. Happy Mooncake Festival to all my friends, hope you guys enjoyed it as I did.


wong said...

Dear Yoon Lai,

Glad to know that you had a lot of fun during the Mooncake Festival. No matter where you are, always wish you have a cheerful lifestyle :)

huikhee and yoonlai said...

Dear Pelly,
Thank you for your wishes. How is your life there recently? Wish you have a nice day!! :)

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