Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hamburg Rundfahrt

Our German class went for a walking tour around Hamburg on Friday. Each of us was given a landmark few days ago and we must give a short introduction on it when we reached the place. I got the Hamburger Rathaus (Cityhall). I did't know whether I was lucky or not. Since the Rathaus is a popular landmark in Hamburg and everybody should had been there before and knows about it, maybe I don't have to explain too much. On the other side, since the Rathaus is one of the most important landmark here, so there is also a lot to tell about it. I prepared a short note and hoped for the best.

The weather was perfect on Friday, we embarked from the Central Railway Station. After hearing others presentations, I started to feel scared as they were so well prepared. I was so tensed before we reached the Rathaus but I tried to enjoy all the places we had been to, some of them were unknown to me. At the Rathaus, I struggled through my presentations and read out what I prepared. I think I did quite good but anyway, I was so glad that it was over. Now in Hamburg, there is a celebration going on called "China Time Hamburg". It is held once every two years and during these two weeks, there are a lot of events going on all around Hamburg which emphasis on the long-time Chinese presence in Hamburg which traces back to the chinese traders in Hamburg some centuries ago. There are a lot of Chinese stalls in front of the Rathaus selling souvenirs and food on Friday. We had lunch there. Before we wanted to leave, we sighted a martial arts show and it was really nice even to me and some of my Chinese friends. We stood on the front row and we could snap some nice shots.

We went to almost 20 landmarks in Hamburg and dismissed after 6 hours walk. I was really tired and still enjoyed the day.

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