Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kuih Lapis

We walked by an Indonesian shop plus restaurant during our weekend shopping here and was attracted by the Indonesian food. We decided to have lunch there. Forgot already what dishes we ordered but they were really delicious. Lots of spices and very flavoury. The guy even spoke to us in Malay " makan apa, minum apa?". We could only answered in simple words ... "itu, ini, pedas sikit..." very funny. It took really a while before the food was served. We could see the cook preparing the dishes one by one alone, no wonder it took such a long time. But it is worthed the time. Another German couple even complaint for waiting too long. After our meal, we walked in the shop and found kuih lapis cakemix. I wanted to make this for a long time but don't dare to since I know it is very difficult. By with this packet of readymix, I could definitely give it a try.

We baked the cake last Sunday. We were suprised that we need 10 eggs and 400g of butter for making this cake. No wonder it is called high calories cake. We just followed the instructions. We modified the recipes by seperating the batter into two portions. In one of the portions, we added coffee and Baileys into it. We layered the batter in turn.

As you see, we were too lazy and the layers got thicker and thicker. It is really not to easy to control the thickness of each layer and one needs plentiful of patience. The taste was really good though. We finished the whole cake almost in one day, We will definitely try this again when we have 'really much' time. We have now the expereince in controlling the baking time and the layering.

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