Thursday, June 25, 2009

Countdown- 3 weeks before Semester End!!

24.06.09 (Wednesday)

After I finished my Case Study EAEC's presentation this afternoon, I could release at least some of my stress. My group scored a good mark for our presentation today, we felt very happy and satisfied because the comments from the Prof. were positive. The day before this presentation, we stayed at the Uni until 8pm for final discussion and beautified our power point. Arrived at my domitory, I still worked on some preparation for the presentation - reading additional informations and getting ready for answering the questions.

2 days ago, I also finished my International Marketing II's presentation. I felt really happy because my Prof. just gave us good comments without asking question after our presentation. This was the 1st time I experienced that he did not ask question after the presentation. Haha...that means our efforts are not wasted.

My final exam timetable came out already, so I must plan my personal study schedule right now because I still need to prepare for another 2 presentations during this critical period. Actually this semester is busier and more exhausting compared to last semester. Everyone is busying with presentations, reports and assignments during the whole semester. Studying in Germany is really tough, there is no study break for students to prepare their exams. Haiz... my following weeks are packed!

02.07.09 New Institutional Economic presentation
09.07.09 German Grammatic II written exam
13.07.09 International Marketing II presentation
14.07.09 International Human Resource Management written exam
16.07.09 German Sprachstraining oral exam
24.07.09 International Accounting II written exam
30.07.09 International Marketing II oral exam

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