Friday, October 3, 2008

Bye Bye Hamburg, Hello Oldenburg

After a few weeks full of stress, finally arrived back in Oldenburg. My German course is ending and I have to write an exam next week. By the way, I also did my TestDAF exam two weeks ago and now waiting for the result. Until now, I still couldn't find a room in Hamburg and at the moment I am staying at a friend's place while continue looking. It is almost mission impossible now as all the students are doing the same. If nothing worked out, I will move into the university guest room again next month.

I realized that the Asian supermarkets in Hamburg are much bigger than those here. They are selling "Pig Stomach" as well, what I couldn't find here. I bought 1 kg and brought it back to Oldenburg. I made pepper soup out of it...something I wanted for a long long time. Since I could not cook during my stay in Hamburg, so I cooked everything I wanted to eat during the weekend. I cooked Indian curry to go with Roti Canai as breakfast, boiled "Tong Kua Tong Sui" and planning to cook "Kao Yuk" (yam with belly pork) tomorrow. Ohya..I baked some Baileys cup cakes as well yesterday night.

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