Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Birthday Presents....

Last 2 days I stil received some birthday's presents from my coursemates here. Anyways, thank you very much to Can and Micheal. Both of you are so nice. I got a box of handmade chocolate from Berlin she bought in Berlin. The another is a handphone hanger rom Michael which he bought it from Japan. Actually Micheal wanted to give me the present on my birthday, but he forgot it after his case study's presentation.

My bf just showed me a postcard from LA when he arrived here last Friday. I felt so happy and surprised because this beautiful postcard is from Sock Peng. Thank you very much, Sock Peng!!

Yesterday I also received a present from PWei. Thank you very much, PWei!! Actually PWei is my hometown friend, we knew each other since 7 years old and we were in the same class from Standard 1 until Form 5. I still remmembered that most of our class teachers thought that both of us are twins. After that we were roommates during Form 6 and studied at same secondary school. Besides that, we were scouts and Buddhist society commity members too. Haha...now we are staying in a same house in Oldenburg here. Friendship forever!!

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