Monday, January 26, 2009

Steamed carrot cake 萝卜糕

Gong xi gong xi gong xi ni ah gong xi gong xi gong xi ni ... ...

It is a tradition to eat steamed cake during chineses new year. In chinese, steamed cake is called "Zheng Gao" that is pronounced similar to the chinese character "high". This brings luck since it indicates that our career and life will be improved in the coming new year. Of course it is not the main reason that we cooked this. After reading some recipes on this, we realized that the procedures and ingredients are in fact pretty simple. The ingredients ar as follow:

Carrot (around 1 kg)
Dried schrimps
Chinese sausage
Char siew (can be left out though)
Spring onions
Rice flour

First of all, fried the dried schrimps, chinese sausage and char siew and spring onions until fragrant. Dished out and put aside. Shred the carrots and cook it for around 20-30 minutes adding water occasionally when it gets too dry. It is ready when the carrots become transparent. Mixed in the fried ingredients before and flavoring (salt, pinch of sugar and white peper). Switch off the heat and put aside. Mixed 300 g rice flour with 3 cups of water. Make sure the flour is well disolved. Pour in the rice flour mixture and stir thoroughly. Finally, fill into a cake form and steamed over high heat for 30-35 minutes.

It can be eaten just like this or we prefered to cut the carrot cake into pieces and fried it before serving (煎萝卜糕).


Von Chong said...

Erm~Lecker schmecke!:)
Happy chinese new year and wish that your presentation goes smooth and well.Most importantly-->pass all the exams!
Viel Erfolg!

huikhee and yoonlai said...

haha...kannst du auch das Essen selbst kochen? :)
Happy Ox Year and wish you have a very happiness, good fortune and prosperity year!!! Thank you for your wishes....

小老鼠 said...

Ohne Kochbuch geht nicht, weil ich zwei linke Haende habe,haha!
Ich bin neidisch auf deine Begabung. :p
I am still looking for a job in Munich, guess it will be hard coz I have to brush up my german first. (still not enough to cari makan)@@"
wish u al the best!

huikhee and yoonlai said...

wish you all the best too!!!

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