Sunday, July 27, 2008

Christopher Street Day

Christopher Street Day (CSD) is an annual European LGBT celebration held in various cities across Europe. Only Germany and Switzerland use the term CSD, in other countries, the same kind of event is called Gay Pride or Pride Parade. Austria calls their Pride Parade Rainbow Parade. The most prominent CSD events are in Cologne and Berlin, Germany, and Zürich in Switzerland. Almost every large town in Germany celebrates CSD. Due to organizational reasons, the CSDs do not take place on the historic date of June 27, but on different weekends between June and August. On the one hand, CSDs are considered political parades, and therefore also include speeches, political mottos, and attendances and patronages from well-known politicians.

On 22rd June after lunch, we went out to the town center to watch this Parade. There was crowded and luckily we could find a comfortable place to capture some photos. This was not the first time I watch this parade. I was there as well last year. We were coincidently in the town last year when this parade took place and we were so surprised to see people dressing up strangely. Later we found out it was actually the CSD parade. We would never have the chance to see this at home. This year we intended to capture some photos of those taking part in the parade. It came out that the “costume” was not that “impressing” although a total of 2000 of gays and lesbian took part, maybe our expectation was too high…hihi.

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