Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Simple and Yummy dinner – Fried Belacan Chicken Wings

Since we miss KFC very much, so I decided to fry belacan chicken wings as our dinner. I marinated the chicken wings with belacan, pepper, sugar, Chinese cooking wine and ‘Nam Yu’ before I went for fat burner class in Fitness Studio. After 1 hour of the fat burner class and 45 minutes running, my whole body was so tired. I determined to cook some simple food to fulfill our stomach.

When I reached home, my dear prepared a zuchinni soup and a bowl of salad. Some more he fried the chicken too. We always have problem frying the chicken ala KFC style. Either the skin was burnt or too oily. We strived to achieve the “hot & spicy” effect. This time we dipped the chicken into lightly foamed beaten egg before coating it with tempura flour. The chicken turned out this time crispy and not so oily. Next time, we could perhaps season the flour as well with chili powder and wahhlahhh… home made hot & spicy. Having fried chicken for dinner is quite sinful and the light zuchinni soup helped to feeling less guilt.

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