Sunday, July 20, 2008

Loh Mei Kai

After we made some effort to clean up my living room, bedroom and bathroom this raining Sunday morning, we were so tired. I decided to make Loh Mai Kei for lunch. I like to eat Loh Mai Kei during Dim Sum time with my family in Malaysia. I miss this food very much! So I checked this recipe from internet and tried to make it myself. Haha… finally my Loh Mai Kei is tasty and delicious even though I did not put Chinese sausage and replaced it with egg. Thank you for Lilyng for sharing the recipe. The Recipe can be found at ( It tasted well and delicious-better than the ones from the restaurants in Malaysia, so my dear had 2 Loh Mai Kei for his lunch.

After the lunch, we watched F1 live from TV as I am Ferrari supporter and my dear is Mclaren supporter. Thus we always argue for our team. I hope my lovely Ferrari team will win for this Germany race. We plan to jog to Oldenburg Palace Garden if the weather is good later. Actually it was a bit boring living here because all shops and supermarket are closed during Sunday. It was not like our home country, all the people enjoy going out for shopping or eating with their friends or family at shopping centers on Sunday. I miss the life in Malaysia.

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