Sunday, December 14, 2008

Felt sick

This is the time when everybody falls sick. Mainly due to the weather, it is getting cold and wet. Virus starts spreading around. Pei Wei falls sick, me too. I got flu and sore throat. I hate sore throat, so painful when swallowing and even talking. My nose got stucked and could not sleep well the whole night. Now I feel better, luckily... I have my case study presentation this week. I stayed here in Hamburg this weekend for discussion and meeting with my group members. Yesterday and today again. My dear is here accompanying me. We went for Dim Sum yesterday night after my meeting. It was nice and not disappointing at all, tasted very local and authentic, we will head back to try next time.

While Pei Wei and I were sick last weekend, my dear prepared the classical meal for us. Porridge and "fish with salted black beans". We also cooked some Tofu Teow Chew style.

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