Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

First of all, wishing you all Merry Christmas. Though we didn't use to celebrate Christmas, but since I am here in Germany, we will definitely enjoy the holiday season and will not miss the chance to share the joyful atmosphere with the others celebrating. I used to compare the atmosphere here before Christmas with our Chinese New Year. Though not quite the same, but somehow the feeling is similar as everybody is preparing for a family get together and a long holiday. While everybody is preparing for the Christmas eve dinner, we thought of making steam boat. It is something we like to do since it is the simplest way to prepare a feast and one can not do much wrong in this. We have been buying the ingredients a few days ago. We didn't eat much that afternoon as we have prepared a lot of food for that evening. We couldn't wait until evening so we started around 5 pm. Having steam boat is not just about stuffing ourselves full since there are a lot of time to chat while waiting for the food to cook in between. Afterall, it was a nice evening and we were as expected so full.

Today I made 'Gai Choi' with the left overs from yesterday. I actually prepared too much yesterday evening so that I have enough 'left over' for my Gai Choi today. Tonight, HK prepared a western style Christmas dinner. Pumpkin soup and butter bread as appetizer. Roasted chicken with popatoes wedges and salat as main course. No desserts, too full, just some fruits. Oh. we also exchanged presents in the evening... ... Hihi

So, Christmas is over and it is time to prepare for my exams and assignments. Have to make good use of this two weeks holiday.

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