Thursday, March 26, 2009

Surprising Present!!

Yahooooo..... I felt very very happy this evening because I received some surprising presents from my dear. When he arrived home after working, he just gave me the present - Wii sets and a cute toy! A new member in my collection. Haha...... Do you know why he gave me a present? The reason is I achieved good result in my studies last semester. hihi.... Thanks a lot my dear!

After dinner, he fixed everything and we played bowling, tennis, golf, boxing and yoga for an hour. Haha...this is much better than I thought! Quite tiring though, have to do more sport at home now since eating too much during this holiday. I checked my wii fit age and guess that, I am 38 years old! Have to work on this definitely. My goal is set to loosing 1 kg in 2 weeks, let's see if I could achieve.


小老鼠 said...

wow~~so nice!I saw ppl selling Wii at the Flohmarkt today, it costs 150 Euro. I dunno how much it costs in reality. Seems like u have lots of fun with it. ;)

huikhee and yoonlai said...

It costs 249 Euro. You can play wii sport (tennis, bowling, boxing, golf and baseball) and you also can practice yoga, balance, aerobic, muscle workout too!! If you buy some games too! We enjoy it very much!! :) At least my bf can do more sport at home already.

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