Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Western Dinner - Baked Peri-peri Spareribs

20.03.09 (Friday)
Tonight I prepared potato pancake (Reibekuchen) for dinner. I bought a packet Reibekuchenteig and added some onion and carrot before frying it. Potato pancakes are commonly associated with traditional Czech, Ukrainian, German and Polish cuisine, although other cuisines. This was the 1st time I fried potato pancake here.

Then, I also prepared some bread and Zucchini soup as starter. The main course is baked peri-peri spareribs with potato pancakes and salat. We enjoyed this dinner with rosé wine. Refering to Wikipedia, rosé was quite a delicate, dry wine, exemplified by Anjou rosé from the Loire. In fact the original claretwas a pale ('clairet') wine from Bordeaux that would probably now be described as a rosé. Weißherbst is a type of German rosé made from only one variety of grape. I like this type of wine very much!!

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