Monday, April 20, 2009

Keukenhof revisited

18.04.09 (Saturday)

After two years, we went back to Keukenhof. It was again a single-day trip and we departed from Oldenburg at 7 am. We travelled with a different travel agency this time and the bus was much more comfortable. In fact it was a 5-Star bus-liner. The trip was not fully booked so there were still some seats left. The journey took more than 5 hours due to traffic jam in Holland. We were so anxious as we wasted so much time on the bus. At the end, we arrived at Keukenhof at around 12:30. We met our friend Seng Chuan, who arrived in Amsterdam just two weeks ago for pursuing his PhD there. It is really nice to be able meet an old friend from back home overseas after such a long time. Without wasting too much time, we headed into the park. The first thing we did was to look for a restaurant for lunch. We ended up in the same restaurant, where we had lunch two years ago. I even ordered the same food, roasted chicken with chips. Pwei order fish and chips, Seng Chuan went for the pasta. HKhee could only had a soup and sandwich as he has not been feeling well since a week ago. There were so much to talk about with Seng Chuan but we could not afford spending too much time in the restaurant as we travalled for 5 hours just for the flowers.

The park was very crowded compared to last time as it was a weekend. However, the weather was fantastic. Maybe because it was too warm the last few days, I have the feeling that the flowers were not as nice as two years ago. Beside that, the park did not change much since the last time we were here. HKhee said even that one should visit Keukenhof only every 10 years. I however think that it is really a wonderful experience to be surrounded by so many extraordinary beautiful and colorful tulips. As usual, we were busy taking photos. But since the whole garden was packed with visitors, it was really hard to catch some nice shots without snaping at the background somebody else also taking photo. Very funny indeed. We even have to queued at some popular spots to take a photo. In the oark, there was a bed of tulips of different colors. I must admit that it is not the most beautiful spot. Then some girls started to lay on the grass and posing for photos. Suddenly, everybody thought that it was a good idea and everybody started to lay down for photos. It was so funny and guess what ... we did the same. Haha... It was here Seng Chuan took the best photo of HKhee and I.

We had to leave at 5 pm and did not have enough time to go through the whole park. It was a pity but I think it was enough as we were so tired at the end. The experience was as wonderful as last time. This is an experience where I would never forget. On top of it, we had the chance to meet our old friend in Holland. We have promised each other to meet again soon.

Share some photos with you all here. Hope that you will like it.

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