Monday, April 13, 2009

Lunch at VAPIANO

We went for lunch this Saturday at this new restaurant in the town. It looks modern from outside and the interior is kept simple but stylish. We had no idea what we were expecting but seeing that the restaurant was quite full, we knew that the food would be ok. After entering the restaurant, each of us was given a card. We thought at first it is kind of promotional card as the restaurant is still new. After looking around, we realized that the restaurant is in fact a kind of fast food restaurant where one places the order at the counter and the food is prepared on the spot in front of you. The had a look at the menu and found only typical European fast food, salat, paste and pizza.
PWei and I ordered two pastas, mine one with fish and Pwei order the vegetarian pasta with egg, Tofu and bean sprouts, quite exotic. HKhee ordered a pizza with Italian spicy sausages. After ordering, we were asked to scan our cars we got when we entered the restaurant with a device. The orders were then saved on the cards for the bill later. Overall, the price of the food is ok, costing around 7-10 Euros. Not much to expect on the taste for this price. The pizza was the best.

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