Sunday, April 12, 2009

New Semester is starting!!

06.04.09 (Monday)
It was here this whole week, the temperature fluatuated around 20°C, it was hot for me. Most of the people are wearing T Shirt to the university. During lunch time, most of the students like to sit under the sun enjoying their coffee break with friends.

This semester I am taking 12 subjects, including 2 law subjects - WTO Law and International Contract Law. After I discussed with my dear, he suggested me to drop 1law subject. Thus, I need to reschedule my timetable again. I hope I can manage well in this tough summer semester.

This semester I still have 1 subject (Corporate Social Responsibility) in german and my group presentation will be held on 28th April. Thus I need to find more information for preparing the presentation. Haiz...My busy study life is coming again. Since we are planning to go back home in August, so I need to finish all my assignments before August. Terrible....I hope I will achieve it, if not, we can't go back to visit our family and friends at home. Miss all of you very much!!


小老鼠 said...

oh je! 12 Subjects? If I were u, Im sure i cant cope vf it since I dun have ur stamina, haha!
U r very hardworking :)
When will ur studies end?
Wish u good luck and im very sure that u can achieve good result like last sem!

huikhee and yoonlai said...

Hi, how are you there? I am quite busy recently, sorry for the late reply.
Finally I took 11 subjects for this semester and I have a lot of assignments and presentations, so poor of me! Next semester is my final semester and then I need to find a Praktikum and write a Mastersarbeit.
Thanks for your wishes. Good luck to you too!! :)

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