Sunday, August 3, 2008

Happy Anniversary

On the 1st of August, we celebrated our 7th anniversary. We could not celebrate this day years before as we both were separated and we appreciate it very much that we have the chance to spend this day together now. I got a present few days before, which I have wished since I was young, my own Lego. It is a Lego set of Ferrari F1 team (I am a fan). We started assembling the set and thought that it would be piece of cake since the set is actually meant for 8-12 years old kid. We only managed to finish the small figures the first day and had to stop since we both were tired too tired to continue. We strived to finished the whole set the next day and we did manage. I must admit that it was not that simple and we were happy to see all the parts in the right place at the end.

On that day, I got a bouquet of flowers with lovely roses and lilies. My dear had a hard time finding nice flowers as the weather these few days were extremely warm. In exchange I gave my dear his present. What was it? Secret... We spent the evening having a candle night dinner in a local restaurant serving german cuisine. We passed by this restaurant thousand times but thought that it was just a simple cafe. We decided to give it a try on their dinner menu for two. The restaurant resided in a building built in the 18 century just next to the railway station. The interior was left untouched for over hundred years, but was of course modernized with some new lightings however the big old lamps were still hanging from the tall ceiling. The tables and seats are also brand new. However, one could still feel the traditional ambient in the restaurant like one of those French brasserie in old time.

There was only one menu to choose from so it saved us the part of looking through the menu. We decided to have red wine (I think a glass of cola will spoil the evening...hihi). The appetizer was a soup. Literally translated from german it is called "The soup with seven herbs and scrimps". We started to cook these kinds of western style soups recently but had never try or even heard of this. So we were curious to try it out. It turned out to be very nice and creamy though a bit too heavy for me. I assumed at least a whole cup of cream was used for my bowl of soup. We never do this at home since we prefer light and fresh soup instead. But I still like it, something different. The main course was pork steak with mediterranean vegetables and balsamic sauce. Definitely the thing for me, the steak was juicy, lots of vegetables, the only thing a missed was the sauce, it could be a bit more. Both of us were actually very full after the main course, and we decided to have a 15 minutes break before the dessert. It was very relaxing sitting in this 18th century building enjoying the music and red wine. The dessert was french pancake with vanilla ice cream and orange sauce. Too big the portion, I could only give it a try and surrendered. My dear of course managed to finish almost the whole plate.

After dinner we started to walk home (the restaurant is just 15 minutes walk from our place). The walk was just right since we definitely need it. We both enjoyed the day and especially the dinner.

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