Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pre-Christmas weekend in Hamburg

I could not go home this weekend since I have a case study discussion in Hamburg on Saturday. So my dear came here on Friday after work. On Saturday, Pei Wei arrived as well in the morning and we went for a walk in the town. Then, it started snowing ... ...

Since my case study starts at 2p.m, we decided to have a lunch buffet before, only realizing that it opens only from 12p.m. after we arrived at the shop at 11.30a.m. We changed our plan and decided to come back for dinner buffet. Then we headed to the Christmas market in front of the Rathaus to grab some food.

It was so packed in the market that we have to squeeze ourself through the crowd. We couldn't find anything at the end and decided to get into a mall. It was a good ideas as it was warm inside at least. Unlike in Malaysia, the mall here does not provide so many options for dining. We wanted to have something simple since we want to leave some space for the buffet that night. So, we decided for some bagels. The first time I tried since I don't fancy this kind of fats food, with plentyful of cream and cheese. Anyway I gave it a try and order the chicken bagel. My dear had the tuna and Pei Wei went for the smoked salmon. I chose spinach bagel to go with it. It tasted suprisingly good and fresh although not what I expexted. The chicken was blended with some fresh cheese and herbs. Together with some salat and tomatoes, not so bad. I could just finished half of it and my dear got the rest done.

Then I went for my discussion. My dear and Pei Wei waited for me in a cafe. The discussion took longer than I thought and my dear was a bit angry at me :( since they have to wait for almost 3 hours in the cafe. We then headed to the restaurant again for their dinner buffet. I visited this restaurant before around 1 month ago with my dear and a course mate. The restaurant is opened by a Taiwanese and it offers lunch and dinner buffet with lots of sushi and dim sum. Here one can only compose the ingredients by himself and decide the way it is prepared, either sweet and sour, spicy or satay, anything you like. The sushi varieties was plentyful and I like the rolls the most with butter fruit and salmon. Though the dim sum was a bit disappointing. Anyway, we had a lot of stir fried shrimps, squids and oysters. My dear got some satay lamb with bean sprouts. At the end, we were so full and satisfied.

Before Pei Weil went back to Oldenburg, we had a walk again at the Christmas market. It is just different from the day in the night when the lights are on and the christmas tree twinkling. It feels like Chritmas. We grabbed a lot of photos. My dear and I also went home after Pei Wei train left as we were all so tired after a long day. I enjoyed the day very much and hope that three of us could spend some days together here again.


wong said...

Hey my lovely friend,

Wahhhhhh......the Christmas decorations are fabulous, thanks for sharing the photos.........probably it will be a good idea to visit you during Christmas celebration next time :)

huikhee and yoonlai said...

hi my dear friend,
I am waiting for your visit....:) when??

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