Thursday, May 7, 2009


02.05.09 (星期六)
Actually we planned to cook "Ban mien", but then somehow we had the idea of preparing Hakka Yeong Toufu. My dear said he would make some Hakka meat ball he learned from his grandmother. So, we finally made Hakka Mien instead of Ban Mien. My dear started with making the meat ball. He chopped the pork, dried squids, dried schrimps and onions. He insisted on chooping the meat himself instead of buying those minced pork as he said the meat ball would be more "chewy" this way. Then he combined the chopped ingredients with corn flour and seasoning. Important tip from his grandmother, the amount of meat should be the same as the corn flour. Else the meat ball will not hold together when cooked. We also used the left over for filling the Toufu, and lady fingers. The meat ball and Toufu were steamed and the others were deep fried.

We did not find the ideal noodle for Hakka Mien in the supermarket so we decided to make ourself. In fact, it is just way as making Ban Mien. The most important part was actually the minced pork sauce for the noodle. For that, we fried garlic, minced pork and added oyster sauce, dark and light soya sauce, sugar (a bit more than usual), salt and pepper. Thicken the sauce with corn flour. It took us almost 2 hours to prepare the meal but it was really yummy.

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