Sunday, May 31, 2009


30.05.09 (Saturday)

After our breakfast at home, we went to factory outlet shops in Bremen. This was the 1st time we went there. The factory outlet stores are far away from the city center and we needed to take bus for 30 min to arrive there. There are a number of outlet shops including Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas, Nike, Esprit, Marc o Polo, Levi´s, Dockers and others.

We spent the most time at the Esprit shop, there were so many people and everyone was walking around with a trolley. How crazy are the people? Can you imagine that every trolley was full with clothes and the changing room and the cashier counter were qeued-up by so many people. Some of them were just to reluctant to wait and changed their clothes immediately in front of so many people. Finally we bought 7 pieces of clothes (T-shirts, pants, dress and pullover) costing a total of 70 Euro. haha....quite a bargain! In fact there were a lot of jeans on sell at 10 Euro per piece, but unfortunately I could not find my size.

After that, we went to the Lindt chocolate outlet shop to buy some chocolates. If you like chocolates, you will get crazy here looking at the big packets of 'expensive' chocolates selling at 2 Euros per kilo. Of course the packaging is not perfect, that's why there are sold so cheap. But who cares about the packaging if you are eating it alone. We of course bought 'some' chocolates, haha, i think around 2 kilos. Afterall, it was a stressful day. Will not go there again definitely in the near future.

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