Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ipoh Chicken Floss Sha Hor Fen

16.05.09 (Saturday)

This evening we cooked chicken floss sha hor fen (rice noodle) as our dinner. This is one speciality of Ipoh, the hometown of my dear. The broth and the right sha hor fen are the soul for this delicious dish. Nowadays, one can eat chicken floss sha hor fen almost everywhere in Malaysia. But the best one can be found only in Ipoh which lies on the unreplacable shar hor fun made in Ipoh. For this dish, the shar hor fun must be thin and smooth. Though it is not possible to buy good sha hor fen here, we got the best one we could get here, some dried sha hor fen from Vietnam. So we tried to make it up with the broth. First, we boiled the chicken soup. Then we fried the prawn shells and added them to the broth. The broth was cooked slowly for some hours. If you get it right, you won't need to season it with salt. We just added some pepper and it was delicious. The color came from the prawn shells, you need it to be authentic.

To put everyting together, cook the noodle, cover it with the broth, debone the chicken, cut into small pieces, put on top of the noodle, add in the cooked prawns. Walah, done. One bowl is definitely not enough for a 'normal' adult. So prepare more, one can never have enough of this.

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