Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kam Heong Crabs!!

23.05.09 (Saturday)

Since we have public holiday on Thursday and I don´t have Int. Accounting lecture in this week, so I arrived Oldenburg on Wednesday evening. After I arrived in Oldenburg, I went directly to the town to buy vegetables, meats, seafoods and fruits. I prepared steamboat again to celebrate my dear´s birthday (actually his birthday is on 28th May), we made it early because I can´t accompany him on next Thursday.

I just realised that we still have crabs in my refrigerator, so I decided to try kam heong crabs this evening. This recipe is shared by Ohbin. Thank you, Ohbin!! We just fried 50g dried schrimp, garlics, onions, curry leaves, chillies. After that we added in some osyter sauce, curry powder, sugar and soya sauce. Then added in the crabs and fried it until cooked.


Jasmine said...

Very delicious

huikhee and yoonlai said...

thank you!! :)
you can have a try!!

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