Monday, May 25, 2009

Stuffed Chicken Wings!!

24.05.09 (Sunday)

My dear suddenly thought of making stuffed chicken wings today. He tried this some years ago when I visited him while he was studying here in Germany. The hardest part of making this dish is to debone the chicken wings. Not trivial at all as you have to remove completely the bones while not puncturing the skin. Of course, you have to find some 'giant' chicken wings for this purpose. Those we bought from supermarket are definitely too small and the tip of the chicken wing is normally chopped away. We could however get some really big complete chicken wings from a butchery shop here. At first, we thought of stuffing the chicken wings with ham, cheese and carrot. Later my dear changed his mind and wanted to stuffed it with glutinous rice.

My dear started debone the chicken wings the night before. Since he didn't do it for a long time, it took a while before he finished the first one. The punctured the second one but he was faster. After the fifth one, he got the trick and at the end he managed 12 with no holes in it. It is important that the skin is not punctured as the filling will spilled out while cooking. He then marinate the chicken wings with cooking wine, salt and pepper overnight.

The next day, we prepared the filling. First we cook the rice. Then we fried it together with mushrooms, chinese sausages and dried prawns. We seasoned the fried glutinous rice with soya sauce, pepper, salt and cooking wine. The filling has to cool down before we proceed. Do not be too greedy to fill in too much of the rice into the chicken wing as the filling will expand while the chicken wing will shrink.

Before frying the stuffed chicken wings, we have to 'color' them. To do this, dissolve dark soya sauce and sugar in hot water. Then rinse the chicken wings with the mixture repeatedly (do not soak them into the mixture). Put the chicken wings aside to let it dry. This step will give the chicken wings a nice golden brown color after they are fried. One can of course omit this step.

After that, the chicken wings just have to fried. Becareful not to puncture the chicken wings here. Serve when they are still hot. The chicken wings are really filling as they are filled with glutinous rice. Two pieces are enough to make a normal adult full. My dear needs three. I must say that it is definitely a calory bomb. So those on diat, becareful :)

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