Sunday, May 10, 2009

Busy life!!


It is a busy and tough semester for me. I just finished my 2 presentations - Corporate Social Responsibility and International Supply Chain Management last weeks. I just can release my stress for the moment. For the following weeks, I will prepare for the last 4 presentations ( 3 presentations in June and 1 presentation in July). Besides that I still need to finish 4 short essays and 3 Hausarbeiten (long essay) before the end of July. How can I manage it?? Time management? Actually I feel so stress and tired for the moment. According to my plan, I need to finish 2 short papers for (CSR and ISCM) and 1 Hausarbeit by middle of June, I hope I can achieve it. Beside that I need to find some interesting topics for my International Trade Policy essay and International Contract Law during this coming holiday. After the holidays, I need to discuss with Prof. and register for the topic with exam unit.

By end of May, we have 1 week of Pfingsten holiday. Thus I need to stay at home and prepare for 2 presentations and finish writing the paper. Haiz...some of my Chinese coursemates will go to Italy for 1 week, unfortunetaly I can not follow. I wish them to have a nice journey in Italy soon!!

How about my dear? He is so busy recently to do all the measurements before the new cancer treatment center which will open by middle of June. He went to the new treatment center everyday for this month and did all the measurements and tested the latest Linear Accelerator from Siemens. Besides he just finished his 3 papers for the DEGRO conference (the 2nd week in June) and 2 papers for the World Congress 2009 on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering in Munich (7th-12th Sept). Somemore he is the lecturer in summer term for the nursing school here. He needs to give lecture for 5 hours per week. So pity for my dear recently!!! Both of us must work hard for our future.....

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