Sunday, October 5, 2008


Continuing with my cooking maniac today... Cooked 芋头扣肉 (Taro Yam with Belly pork) for dinner. I tried this many times in Germany. The problem is always finding the right yam for this dish. Until now, I could not find the type we normally used in Malaysia. The closest one available here is something similar to those we have during mid autumn festival, but much larger. They are however not so starchy but still ok. During the last few times, we had the problem that the pork were not tender enough just by steaming it, so we decided to cook the pork with the sauce before. This will also flavor the meat much more intensively. For the sauce, we used red bean curd (南乳),bean paste (豆酱), cooking wine, five spice powder, sugar and some pepper. When the meat is tender enough, arrange the meat and yam in sequence. Pour the source over it and steam for around half and hour to one hour.

It turned out this time that the yam was still a bit too hard though the pork was perfect, tender and very flavory. We will boiled the yam longer next time and the result should be much better!

before steamed

after steamed

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