Saturday, October 18, 2008

Thai-style Sotong

We wanted to try something else with Sotong instead of always Sambal Sotong. I remembered I tried some cold served Thai-style Sotong before while back in Malaysia. Looking around on the net and found this recipe in an online magazine. Actually, the steps are very simple and very typical in cooking Thai dishes. Since the Sotong will be served cold (of course cooked :P), it is important to wash them properly from the inside out. The cleaned Sotong is then cooked in boiled water and cut into pieces before arranging on a plate. Then it is time to prepare the sauce. This sauce is very similar to the one I used for Thai-style chicken. Combine Thai chili sauce, garlic, chopped onions, chilies, lemon juice, coriander, sugar and fish sauce and mix well. Pour onto the Sotong before serving. It was very appetizing and fresh. It also goes very well with rice surprisingly.

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