Saturday, October 18, 2008

New Semester

After 5 weeks of German intensive course in the university and 1 week orientation, my master course will start by next Monday. I hope I can enjoy this course and manage to do well.

Actually I feel so happy that I can get a place in this course because it is very difficult for a foreigner to enter a Master course here. One must pass TestDaF or Goethe Certificate of C1 or DSH (equivalent to Englisch IELTS level). Other requirements are at least 2 years experiences in business field, the Bachelor study must be obtained from a recognized university, 1-2 essays and some recommendation letters from the previous company or previous university. Actually I applied for a few universities here but some of them rejected my application due to the credit point problem. One gained usually 180 credit points in an undergraduate programm here as I just had around 150 points from UTS. I was successfully admitted since UTS is a partner university of university of Hamburg and the programm I studied was recognized here. For the whole Master course, I need to achieve a total of 120 cerdit points, 30 points per semester. This means that I have to take 9 to 10 subjects this semester including 2-3 language modules. Foreigner must attend German language or English course, and German needs to attend English or French or Spanish. Really have to work hard this time.

I am still thinking what is the best way to finish my study on time and I hope that I can go to Shanghai or Denmark or Hanoi for 1 semester to gain another 30 credit points to get the "Asien Europe Management" certificate (AEM). Sure I will go to see my Programm director and the person in charge to get more informations in the next two weeks.

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