Saturday, October 11, 2008


Have been missing this so much. Still remember in my school time, I had one bowl of assam Laksa everyday. Making the Laksa broth needs a number of ingredients that I could not find here. I also can't find the ready mix Laksa paste here, only for Singaporean Laksa with coconut milk which I don't like, I prefer Penang or assam Laksa more.

Few days ago, I found Laksa leaves, that is the most important ingredient for the broth, in the Asian supermarket. I was delighted and wanted to try it out. Though I am missing the ginger flower but I thought we can leave it out and see how it turns out.

To make the broth, I used assam curry paste, normally used for making assam fish head. We added lemongrass, the assam paste, laksa leaves, dried chilies, onions, and ginger and boiled them for half an hour. To replace the kampung fish, we used two cans of sardines with tomato sauce. Boil for another half an hour and that's it.

To serve, we added shreded cucumber, fresh chilies and onions. The taste was very good although it could be more sour, will put more assam paste next time. But at least my desire for Laksa is fulfilled for the moment.

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