Thursday, August 14, 2008

Chee Cheong Fun

Wanted to cook this for a long time and we have been missing this very much. We thought it is not possible to make Chee Cheong Fun as one may need a big steamer like those hawkers selling "Hong Kong style" Chee Cheong Fun. They normally steamed the rice flour mixture filled with "Char Siew or prawns" over a big piece of cloth. It is not so easy to do this with the cooking utensils found in a normal kitchen. Until recently we found a recipe of making home-made Chee Cheong Fun. Instead of steaming the rice flour mixture, it is cooked with a flat non-stick pan under low heat. We decided to give it a try some weeks ago using this recipe. However, we could not get the mixture of rice flour and tapioca flour right. We were also not too sure with the amount of water to use. The Chee Cheong Fun turned out to be very "floury"and rough. It cracked when it is cooked for too long. Afters several failed attempts, we gave up. As a conclusion, we thought that the mixture was not right.

My dear remembered he saw some ready-mix flour for Chee Cheong Fun in one of the Asian shops here.We could not find it until recently, maybe out of stock in the last weeks. We grabbed one and tried it again today. We added the amount of water recommeded on the packaging and the first piece of Chee Cheong Fun was still too thick and rough. We added more water as I could remember the mixture used by those hawkers is more watery than what we had. The second attempt was much better, not anymore floury and thoroughly cooked. I think too much flour before made it hard to cook. We added a few drops of oil into the mixture and the Chee Cheong Fun looks better, shiny and smooth, also easier to cook. We though we got the right mixture now. We continued making the whole batch and were very satisfied this time with the result. Although I must say it is still too thick compared to those "Hong Kong style" Chee Cheong Fun but no different to those "normal" Chee Cheong Fun one gets in KL. This was indeed our aim today as we also prepared a lot of "Yeong Liu". These are normally stuffed vegetables with minced meat and are ate together with noodles or of course Chee Cheong Fun. The sauce is also very important part of a good plate of Chee Cheong Fun. I combined "Hoi Sin" sauce, water, sugar, soya sauce, and sesame oil and cooked it until the sugar dissolved. It tasted exactly the same as those "sweet sauces". Although my dear prefers the "Ipoh style" Chee Cheong Fun with mushroom and minced meat sauce. We will try this the next time.

We also tried this recipe recently. Just share a photo here with you. Thanks Angel, yummy...

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