Sunday, August 24, 2008

Olympic is ending

The 2008 Olympic games are coming to an end. It has been a success for China, one could really be proud of it as a Chinese although the western countries have always tried to put a shadow onto it throughout the games. Of course if one puts the politics on the center stage, there are still a lot of things the Chinese government could improve. Everyone knows about it and perhaps it starts to seem boring discussing it. The journalist needs to find something else. Today I saw the German TV broadcasting Olympic games and in the flash news, they reported which German athletes won medals today and who did not. In the middle of the report, they showed some pictures of some exotic foods (I just could recognize some scorpions and sea horses) and reported that their journalist found a store selling these grilled foods in Beijing and they tried it. As comment by the news anchor, translated literally: "our reportes who tried it said that it is crispy outside and tender inside, don't know whether you would like it, bon appetit". Then they continued with some other sport news. The clip is totally meaningless and why can't one just concentrate on the sport events and leave it. I have the feeling that they just try to somehow remind the audience that although the Chinese can organize a great game with many world record broken, there are still the same Chinese like last time eating scorpions and sea horses.

Most Germans are not really interested in the games. There are only two channels here broadcasting the games live. Of course also only when Germans are taking part. This is logical and I can understand it. So I missed the badminton men single final and could not even watch any synchronized swimming and gymnastic rhythmic that I like, poor me. Tomorrow is the last day and I will definitely watch the closing ceremony and see how the Chinese surprise the world again.

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