Sunday, August 24, 2008

Peri-peri chicken with pumpkin soup

It was raining here the whole day and we could not go out for shopping. So we decided to make something simple for dinner. We marinated some chicken with olive oil, peri-peri powder and paprika powder just like how I marinated the spare ribs some days ago. We baked it together with some potato wedges.

Having used peri-peri powder for some while, googled it today and found that it is made from a type of African bird's eye chili. It is often used in Portuguese cuisines. It makes me remember the Chicken Piri-Piri from Nando's where one could choose the spiciness of the chicken on liking. The peri-peri powder we bought here is of course not that spicy.

We also made a pumpkin soup. We bought an organic pumpkin and it was quite expensive, 2 Euro/kg. Just boiled the pumpkin, carrot and celery before blending them to a soup. It turned out to be quite sweet as expected. Tasty but I prefer zucchini soup.

Sometimes it is easier to cook western food than Chinese food. The preparation took less than 30 minutes and once everything was in the oven, we could just relax in front of the TV until the food is cooked. It is also healthier, definitely when compared to Siew Yuk. I just looked at the photos we took, look at the fat layers, aiyah, tomorrow must go to gym already.

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