Monday, August 18, 2008


We bought this during the weekend. Federweißer also known as new wine. It is the stage between freshly pressed grape juice and finished wine. It is sparkling, sweet and contains at least 4% alcohol. The fermentation is still in process and one could still see white yeast in the bottle. At the end, the alcohol percentage can reach to more than 10%. Storing it a cool temperature will slow down the fermentation process. My dear likes this very much and he will buy it every time he sees it. Federweißer is not available throughout the year, only at the time of grape harvest, around August to October. It is less expensive than normal wine, this one cost around 1,50 Euro. The Germans say that one could get drunk easily drinking Federweißer than drinking normal wine since it still has a high percentage of glucose. Luckily, my dear has never been drunk from drinking this.

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