Monday, August 18, 2008

Fried rice with satay

Found this recipe from an online magazine. Decided to give it a try as we were thinking of making Satay recently. We marinated the chicken meat overnight with honey, salt, pepper, lemon grass and curry powder. There were then baked in an oven and brushed occasionally with honey and oil. The taste turned out to be quite similar to satay at home but of course minus the charcoal grilled flavor which makes it special. Anyway, I think it is healthier this way and much simpler to prepare. We made some satay sauce to go with it. This is not the first time as we do prepare satay sauce every time we make steamboat. It is very simple indeed. We roasted some peanuts and blended them in a mixer. Then we fried some garlics and onions together with curry paste until fragrant. Add some milk into it (we don't like to use coconut milk here, of course it would be more authentic) and pour the peanuts into it while stirring frequently. Add salt and sugar to taste. We fried the rice also with curry powder, some kind of Malay fried rice. I think everyone has its own favorite was of frying rice so I will skip it here. Oh.. ya..., how can I forget the cucumber and keropok. By the way, the keropok tastes fantastic with the satay sauce, try it!

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