Sunday, August 3, 2008

Mexican night

Some catching up to something we cooked the last few weeks that I have no time to upload. Just discovered these photos on my camera when transferring others photos. We made an Mexican night two weeks ago and cooked some Mexican food: chili con carne, some BBQ chicken wings with sweet and sour sauce and sesame seeds and Chicken burritos.

We used to cook chili con carne using those ready mix packet and it tasted very artificial. Chili con carne is actually nothing more than tomato soup with chili, minced meat, corn and red beans. We decided this time to make our own tomato soup. We cooked fresh tomatoes with garlic, onions and some herbs until soften (approx. 20 minutes) and blended the soup in a mixer. We stir fried the veges and added in the soup and allowed to cooking under low heat for a while before serving. This taste much better than those ready mix sruff and of course fresh and healthier. The made these chicken wings inspired from what we ate some time ago in a spanish buffet. We baked some marinated chicken wings (chili powder, salt and pepper) and coated it with sweet and sour sauce (ketchup, honey, sugar, salt, corn flour and water) and sprinkled them with roasted sesame seeds. We bought some tortillas to make the chicken burritos. For the filling, we cooked chicken with onions, cucumber and paprika (big red chillies). Each of us just managed to have one, since we were already half full after having the soup and chicken wings. I like the chicken wings at most although it was not exactly the same as what we had before, but close to it. Will try to improve on the sauce next time.

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